Theodus Crane "Big Tiny" from "The Walking Dead" to Central PA Comic Con!

Illustrator Guest of Honor
Comic Book Legend

Alex Saviuk 

     It is an incredible honor to have an illustrator of such talent and credentials at Central PA Comic Con!  Bring your books to have signed. Have him create a commission especially for your collection! 
  Alex Saviuk's professional career began in 1977 at DC Comics, where he illustrated such titles as Green Lantern, The Flash andSuperman. Saviuk's first work for DC was a one-page story titled "The Victim!" in House of Mystery #255 (Nov.-Dec. 1977). His first full work for the company, Green Lantern #100 (Jan. 1978), introduced an updated version of the Air Wavecharacter. He drew The Flash #275 (July 1979) wherein the title character's wife, Iris West Allen was killed. In the early 1980s, Saviuk was the regular backup feature artist on Action Comics, where he drew the exploits of Air Wave,Aquaman and the Atom. He frequently drew the "Whatever Happened to...?" backup feature in DC Comics Presents.  He and writer E. Nelson Bridwell introduced the Global Guardians in DC Comics Presents #46 (June 1982). The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday strip from 2004. Pencils by Saviuk, inks by Joe Sinnott.In 1986, Saviuk moved to Marvel Comics, where he eventually established himself as a key Spider-Man artist with a seven-year run on Web of Spider-Man (issues #35-116). In 1989, he drew the The Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives graphic novel. From 1994–1996, Saviuk worked on the series Spider-Man Adventures (later retitled The Adventures of Spider-Man).[13] Since 1997, Saviuk has drawn The Amazing Spider-ManSunday newspaper comic strip, written by Stan Lee; since 2003, he has inked the daily Spider-Man strip, pencilled by Lee's brother Larry Lieber, and pencilled the Sunday page of the same, inked by Joe Sinnott. In 1997–1998, he spent a one-year stint at Topps Comics drawing The X-Files until the end of its run.[13]Some of the characters Saviuk has co-created include Arkiss Chummuck and Malet Dasim of the Green Lantern Corps (withBob Toomey), Sunburst (with Paul Kupperberg), Olympian (with E. Nelson Bridwell), Tombstone (with Gerry Conway), and the New Enforcers (with Terry Kavanagh).In addition to comics, Saviuk does storyboards for advertising agencies and, occasionally, film and animation studio

Saviuk's professional career began in 1977 at DC Comics, where he illustrated such titles as Green Lantern, The Flash andSuperman.


​Superman, The Walking Dead and many others!

Welcome Central Pennsylvania's Neil Volks to 

   Neil's been  telling stories in comic books professionally now for almost 30 years- In 1984 he was assigned the Japanese cartoon based Robotech Masters (after two issues of Robotech Macross) for Comico Comics, Creator of EAGLE through Crystal Comics -then Apple Comics until the b&w comics boom fizzled.

  Among the many comics he's drawn since then: SUPERMAN ADVENTURES; TARZAN THE WARRIOR;UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN:STRANGE ENCOUNTERS;EAGLE; JONNY DEMON;TEENAGENTS; CONGORILLA; NINJAK;PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE; THE BLACK FOREST 1 & 2 (Bob Tinnell and I won Rondo Awards for both BLACK FOREST books); THE WICKED WEST 1 & 2 and DR. STRANGE: FROM THE MARVEL VAULT #1 ... I've left quite a few out due to space and humility...well, OK, just space.

 I also did chapter illustrations for two film books: IN ALL SINCERITY,PETER CUSHING by Chris Gullo and VINCENT PRICE:THE ART OF FEAR by Denis Meikle.

Neil is now working on FLESH & BLOOD,another "monster rally" comic series with Bob Tinnell,for Monsterverse Entertainment.   Neil is looking forward to seeing all of you at Central PA ComicCon!



 to Central PA ComicCon!

Victoria will be doing two Cosplay panels and helping judge both the Saturday and Sunday Cosplay Contests! Creativity counts!​

Victoria has been in the hobby of costuming since 2006. She enjoys hand stitching. She also enjoys creating and painting props and accessories. She has brought over 50 characters to life and favors those from Disney and the DC Universe. Her cosplay has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter and The Chive as well as dozens of other websites. Victoria is also a professional model and has worked on many paid assignments. She has been photographed and featured in national publications such as Latina Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. She has also posed live for artists during sketch variant sessions.
       Victoria is an avid Blogger and is the author of the 'Confessions of a Cosplay Girl' Blog. She has covered shows around the country as a member of the press, writes opinion pieces and conducts interviews. She also writes products reviews on costumes, wigs, and contact lenses. 
            Victoria is the regional leader for the state of Pennsylvania for a nationwide charity organization. She has devoted herself to super hero charity work. She also owns and operates her own birthday party business and is a professional princess performer. 




Douglas has lost his wife, Eve, and is in mourning.

His new tenant, Charles, is a scientist who claims to be able to clone Douglas a replacement, a perfect duplicate of Eve.​   Is it possible to create an exact duplicate, down to their very soul? Or is Charles tempting Douglas down a dark path? Would you take the risk?  What would you do with the chance to bring back someone you love?  EVE is an independent feature film being shot this Fall. The expected release date is 2015.


3 Event Rooms!
Events from

Dealers Room and Panels from

10am to 7pm Saturday and

11 to 5 on Sunday!

Enjoy fan panels, a huge dealer's room, artists alley, video, card and board gaming! 




Collectibles to add to your collection!  ​Cosplay Contest with Prizes!

All Day Fandom fun for All Ages!

From "How To", creator panels , writer's panels, panels on your favorite shows, we have a full weekend of fun lined up for you!  Gather up 3 friends and take the VIP Package and hang out all weekend!

Central PA ComicCon is Back!

March 14 and 15th, 2015
Holiday Inn Conference Center
​2000 Loucks Rd, York, PA!
​Conveniently located off I-83/Rts. 70 & 30

in York, PA! (Click here for Directions)